Working with sub menu inside ion-side-menu

Can Some on please explain how to add submenu inside

Here is my requirement.

  1. Section A
  2. Section B
    2A. Option A
    2B Option B
  3. Section C

Can some ples point me to any link on this?

Hello All, Any help on this?

Hello Guys, Can someone please provide input on this ?

Hey sorry, it’s been a busy weekend.

Take a look at this codepen, mind you it’s a bit of a hack as there no animations. This type of navigation isn’t possible with ui-router. But we are working on things to make this possible.

Any update on this, or any implementation of a splitview, as seen on the ipad?

Unfortunately other than that codepen, no progress has been made…bigger fish to fry right now :wink:

But you can follow this branch on the github page.