Working with side menu + tabs + nav buttons together


I’m trying to set up an app structure using a Main view with Tab-Navigation and a side menu. I got this working so far, but I have a few problems when it comes to the nav bar buttons:

I’m trying to add some nav buttons (side-menu toggle on left, other buttons on primary) within the main tab-view, since this is needed on all tabs and I want to add this here at the parent. But all of these buttons are not shown if defined here. If i move them to the single tab-views, then they are shown, but the side-menu toggle is not working. However, opening the side menu with swiping right works well.
Seems like posting HTML here is not a good Idea, so i added it to codepen:

Here is the HTML

So, is it possible to add buttons on the main tab view?
If not: How to get at least the sidemenu toggle button working then?