WKWebview: still not fix for keyboard not showing on focus?

Just wondering if this issue has some fix already:


Have you checked the last comment on that issue? Looks like a workaround.

I’m not sure I understand how to apply it to the latest code and if it’s that trivial why it’s not already applied?

Actually, I just tried it and it works like magic. Still I’m not sure why it’s not committed to the repo…

Where exactly would this have to be applied? If there is no issue and Pull Request for it, nobody is aware of it. All of Cordova is Open Source and on Github, so you could easily create a Pull Request the devs only have to accept.

You are right, it just feel a little shaky. Anyway, everything was working fine just until yesterday I used test flight to release RC for testing when everything stopped working. On the console I see errors related to loading the templates: XMLHttpRequest cannot load … cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP.

Do you have any idea how to overcome it?

Not really. Are you doing what the error message says?