WKWEBView Issue with ion-header

After I added the WKWebView to my app following this blog post I get the ion-header issue below.

Any ideas?

Hi, Could you try, start new empty project with latest ionic version (and I thought it comes with WKWEbView ) and copy “src/” files to new project reinstall your cordova plugins ?

@reliy0n I started a brand new empty project with latest ionic version as you suggested, copied the “src/” files to the new project and reinstalled the cordova plugins. The project launches with ionic server but the issue persists. I even removed ALL custom css styling from global variables.scss file and from each individual page.

Any other ideas?

Do you have the same problem if you start a new problem and don’t copy anything over?
If no, start by adding page for page and see when the problem comes back.


I have the same problem.

Even tried these solutions, issue still here.