With Camera plugin, are users required to give permission to access each photo on device?

I am trying to understand the permissions flow within the Capacitor Camera plugin for when a users selects a photo from the gallery or photo album. Will the device prompt them for permission with each unique photo they select from their devices gallery, or is there a way to provide permission to all photos in on the device to choose from?

It should just prompt once.

That’s what I thought, but with iOS, it is prompting me with each unique photo I select from my camera roll.

It prompts asking if you give access to all photos or to a selection of photos, if you give access to all photos, then all photos will be available, if you choose to give access only to a selection of photos you have to pick the photos you want to grant access to.

Thanks. Sounds like it is more user error than anything. I will try and replicate the workflow in the app and see where I went wrong.

I appreciate the info.