Will App Clips be available in Ionic

Is there any news on if App Clips https://developer.apple.com/app-clips/ will be supported in an upcoming Ionic release? I see so much potential with this functionality

Difficult. This has nothing to do with Ionic itself. App Clips are are native feature, like Daily Widgets or Apple Watch Widgets. They need to be developed in native iOS and added to the Project like for example in this Plugin: https://github.com/DavidStrausz/cordova-plugin-today-widget

OK, makes sense. Maybe a Capacitor plugin can be built. Will have a look at the docs

Or build it natively

i already thought about build a Plugin, but i think you always have to build it natively and then copy it to the ios platform at build

Following up on this, our understanding is that App Clips can run Web Views, so they could run Capacitor apps, in theory. Sounds like the size limit could be an issue, but we are going to be doing more testing to figure out what’s possible here. Any community examples of App Clips running Capacitor apps would be hugely helpful.

In contrast, Widgets do not support web views, and will need to be built natively. It seems possible you could build an abstraction over those widgets to power them through a more cross-platform interface but given the limited size and scope of widgets, it is probably a better option to just add them directly to your Capacitor app and write the relatively small amount of native code needed to integrate with it.

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This is the part which I wish I knew or there was some documentation on doing this. Bridging Ionic/Capacitor to native parts. Wouldn’t even know where to begin!

Make sense! One way to think about this is that there are no Capacitor-specific instructions. Just open your Xcode app and then add it by following any Widget guide out there. Here is one: https://www.raywenderlich.com/11303363-getting-started-with-widgets

That’s the best we have right now in terms of tutorials.

That sounds good. My question is more around getting Xcode to pull data from Ionic or some sort of way to have them talk. Is that possible or does that not make any sense?

Yep absolutely. For accessing long-term data, SQLite would be great as it can easily be used both from Ionic and Native. I would avoid using Local Storage or IndexedDB.