WiFi Hacked?


Hi everyone,
Apologies I have no idea where else to ask this type of question other than my fellow developers. Please help!

This isn’t necessarily related to Ionic, but more of a tech related problem I need advice/assistance for/with.

I’ve noticed there’s a specific WiFi network in my area I’ll refer to as AlienNetwork, whenever my devices aren’t connected (they can’t have my WiFi’s certificates) I see the AlienNetwork. However when I login to my WiFi I’ll refer to as MyWiFi then the AlienNetwork disappears.

It appears as if there’s some type of cloaking being used. It seems as if the AlienNetwork is linked to mine in some type/shape or form.

Is there any steps I can take to check if the AlienNetwork is linked specifically to my router thus cloaking itself to the devices registered within MyWiFi network?

Also, me and my family has noticed connection errors. Yesterday the WiFi logged us out of our network and said that our password was incorrect. Like 3 hrs later we were connected to our network again (which would be if someone changed the password from mine to something else than back when they were done). Today, my connections were being interrupted again and I noticed some changes to my router (I think it’s an ISP update) but then again there was an “unknown” device that connected to my network.

I know this may seem a little complicated but it’s really scary and I have no idea why this AlienNetwork would be specifically avoiding MyWiFi network.

Also, I’m not friends with any of my neighbors so asking them these questions they might freak out.



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I’ve done all that except for MAC Filtering and WiFi range. I’ll have to look more into that. I’m not sure how to manage those? My ISP apparent has range extenders built into the router platform itself. By encryption you’re speaking of beefing up the Firewall? My firewall is on high security, network is hidden, huge ASC II+ password, strong password for the admin account.

I’m just afraid who’s on the other end of the AlienNetwork.

Does it seem to you like they’re linked to my router somehow?


What happens when you are not connect, can see AlienNetwork, and then pull the plug of your router/modem?


If my device gets registered MyWiFi certificates the AlienNetwork hides itself for good. I rarely can catch it when all MyWiFi certificates are void. If I “Forget Network” on MyWifi then AlienNetork remains hidden. But, if MyWiFi goes offline or I reset it then AlienNetwork is exposed.


What does that mean?

What does that mean?#

So when exactly can you see it? Please summarize in list form.


I can only see it if my network settings has changed and doesn’t match the network password on my other devices. Sometimes, but very rarely when I “Forget Network” I’ll see the AlienNetwork for like 3 seconds.

The colors:
Black = Unimportant
Blue = MyWiFi
Red = AlienNetwork


Why do you have two of your own wifis?
Do you observe the AlienNetwork on other non-iOS devices as well?


My ISP’s router gives off two. It can’t be turned off I think it’s cause of their Range Extenders as mentioned earlier. I don’t know too much about GHzs but I have a 5GHz network and a 2.4GHz network. Also, I do but under the unique circumstances as mentioned earlier.


Can someone help?