Wifi Direct / P2P

Is something like wifi direct possible using Ionic?

Basically what I am trying to make is an app in which both android and iphone users can trade cards, what would be the best method to achieve this. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

What type of cards… like contact information / electronic business cards? I’ve seen this done before using BlueTooth - maybe that could be an option?

For example, both users would have the app running and you can allow their devices to connect via BlueTooth and talk to each other - type of thing.

Yeah like contact information, the only reason why I didn’t want BlueTooth is because I wanted it to be as seamless as possible. Since not everyone keeps bluetooth turned on at all times.

Yep, I getcha… and that’s true. Maybe store each users’ contact information on a server with an ID that can be texted to each other to go fetch their contact details… or something along those lines. Just throwing out ideas.

That is a good idea, but one of the main parts of this idea is that the two people are there in person. If they can just share a code it defeats the purpose. But thanks for trying to help regardless :slight_smile:!

Hey no problem… helping is what we’re all here for :slight_smile:

Oh… here’s another idea… generate a bar code or a QR code with the users’ information and use the ionic-native / Cordova barcode scanner to read it off each other’s screens. The bar code / QR code scanner automatically brings up the camera for you, reads the code and returns the information back to the app. Here’s the barcode API docs:

Hope that helps.
~ Brad

Oh that is a really good idea! I think I’ll use this method. Thanks!

Glad I could help! :slight_smile: Please don’t forget to mark my last answer as the solution.

Well I still want to see if anyone can offer an insight on the p2p solution, because I think that is the best way. But if nobody does I’ll make sure to mark yours as the answer.

I want to have peer2peer connection with android(or iphone) and device.
I know SSID and password of device’s wifi-module.
I have to receive and send data to device.
I tried to use hotspot but I can only scanning not receive data.
Thank you advance.

hello. I am interested in working on a similar project as the one mentioned here. Has there been any advancements with regards to wifi direct support in ionic?
Thanks in advance :fire:

hi lockwood, i found this plugin , but i don’t know how it works,