Why the second button is executing same function of first button


I am try to put two buttons in single row.In android the functionality of two buttons are good. But in IOS the first button works file, second button executes both first and second functionality in IOS.
I tried in two ways of code
my first code is

<button ion-button claaa="scheduleScan" id="scheduleScan" (click) = "scheduleScan()">Schedule Scan</button>
 <button ion-button class = "startScan" id="startScan" (click) = "startScan()">Start Scan</button>

second type is

  <button ion-button *ngFor="let ite of btn" (click)="click(ite)" name={{ite}}>{{ite}}</button>

Second one generates two buttons.

Thank you.


Your code has lots of strange spaces and is formatted strange too. Your post mentions buttons and ion-item-sliding. For me this all is too confusing so I can’t answer. I suggest you open a new topic and post about one thing with proper code and a single question that is understandable.


Thank you for replay.

I solved my problems . This are self mistakes. Buttons are not proper working when alerts are placed inside the function. When i remove the alert message then i clear the problem.