Why is Ionic Serve showing a different layout than NPX CAP RUN?

So I am learning Ionic but since I have been working with angular for over 10 years I feel I am right at home until this capacitor comes in. I am just confused.
I build my app using a combination of ionic and syncfusion components. run the app on web with
IONIC Serve . Everything looks great

I then try to deploy to my phone and I run npx cap run android and the view is nothing at all like how it is on the web. What am I doing wrong? Exact same codebase, scss, components etc.

Here is web

Here is cap run android. I mean look at the icons. They arent even clickable either.

Maybe you are running into this issue?

Yep that was the issue.

Not sure why ionic g defaults to placing IONICMODULE into the imports when we clearly need standalone components in a standalone app