Why "ionic2 start" command execute so slow?

Hi. I have installed node with nvm. The node version is v5.11.1, and the npm version is 3.8.6. According to the ionic2 tutorial:http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/getting-started/tutorial/ . When I execute the command:
ionic start MyIonic2Project tutorial --v2

After download two master.zip. The process stayed on “Installing npm packages…” very long time, at least 30 minutes. And then hung up on “Adding initial native plugins”. The progress of "Adding initial native plugins " have been 100%. After waited 10 minutes. I broked the process by Ctrl+C.
It’s so annoyed!! Is there any method to speed up this progress ?

yes, am getting the same issue, also after that i faced an upnormal delay in the “android build” process !!! any one help in this ?? the delay is very strange ??

Do you use last Ionic CLI?

This issue even used to happen on my system… but after getting a proper net connection it got solved.
The CLI download so many files…so make sure you have a proper net connection.

Maybe it is caused by network problem. Because I used VPN to do the works. But if I not use VPN, the access speed is more slow.