Why ion-nav-back-button is not appearing in my project?

I am new to ionic. I have created a simple tab based app on my own. I want back button to appear, when I switch from one tab to another tab. But actually it isn’t appearing. I have used directive also, but it also looks ineffective.

Following is the plunker link : https://embed.plnkr.co/B9ORrv/

Thanks in advance.

Hi @mangu. All your views seem to be rendered in different ion-nav-views and therefore the ion-nav-back-button cannot appear. It’ll only appear if the current view has history. The arrangement you have does not have view history in any of the views since all are loaded once i.e The unnamed ion-nav-view loads the tabs.html template and it’s done. then the subsequent home and settings tab are ache rendered once in their views.