Whitespace Doubles When Changing Orientation (iOS Only)

Hello all, I have an issue with the whitespace allocated to
keyboard height. I’ll simply give you the steps to recreate it.

  1. Create a simple app using the template ($ ionic start myApp tabs)

  2. Add the following code to tab-dash.html (just above ion-content) to add input fields

<div class="list list-inset"> <label class="item item-input"> <input type="text" placeholder="First Name"> </label> <label class="item item-input"> <input type="text" placeholder="Last Name"> </label> </div> <button class="button button-block button-positive"> Submit </button>
3. Open The App (as usual in portrait mode)
4. Scroll to bottom
5. Tilt to landscape
6. Scroll to the bottom, and select the last input
(to open the keyboard)
7. Scroll to the bottom while the keyboard is open
8. Tilt back to portrait

There is a huge chunk of whitespace over the keyboard. Most probably looks like its 2 times the height of the keyboard.

Thanks in advance.