White Screen of Death on android device

So when i run my app on a local device there is a white screen and not my pages. When i run it on the browser it works fine, but not on my local device. I tried google inspect device and thats the error i got, but i don’t know where i can find it in my code.
ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object at hasOwnProperty () at Function.t.ZT (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at new t (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1 at t.instanceFactory (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at t.getOrInitializeService (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at t.getImmediate (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at t._getService (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at t. [as firestore] (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1 at v (polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1) at v (polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1) at polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1 at a.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1) at Object.onInvokeTask (main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1) at a.invokeTask (polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1) at s.runTask (polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1) at _ (polyfills-es2015.67c4ee56c2eded70c963.js:1) qt @ main-es2015.0c0d05dc90be99cf5fb1.js:1

try debugging using an emulator so that you can find your error

i had used the emulator and that was the error message

is this the error message that you get in the console log??
try using the promise so that you can find the exact error that is causing.