White screen is displayed when I add code to get all the contacts. I am not able to identify the reason. Please help me to fix the problem

I want to retrieve all the contacts in the phone. I am using cordova-plugin-contacts in ionic 2 project.

My TrmAgentReport.ts file contains the following code:
export class TrmAgentReport {

dateofIssue: any = new Date().toISOString();
public contactsList: Array<any>=[];  
public search: boolean = false;

// constructor
constructor(public platform: Platform,  public trmNavCtrl: NavController, public trmAlertCtrl: AlertController, public trmProvider: TrmDBProvider, public trmZone: NgZone, public trmMenuCtrl: MenuController)
    this.trmMenuCtrl = trmMenuCtrl;
    this.trmMenuCtrl.enable(false, 'ownerMenu');
    this.trmMenuCtrl.enable(true, 'agentMenu');             
    this.trmMenuCtrl.enable(false, 'customerMenu');
    this.contactsList = [];
    this.search = false;

// method to show the alert message
showAlert(msg: number)
    var now = moment(this.dateofIssue).add(1, "d").format("DD-MM-YYYY");
    let alert = this.trmAlertCtrl.create({
        title: "Interest Rate",
        subTitle: msg.toString(),
        message: "time" + now,
        buttons: ["OK"]

    this.search = true;
    this.platform.ready().then(() => {
        var opts = {   
            filter : "M",                                
            multiple: true,        
            fields:  ['displayName', 'name']
        Contacts.find(['displayName', 'name'], opts).then((contacts) => {
            this.contactsList = contacts;
            this.search = true;
        }, (error) => {


TrmAgentReport.html code is as follows:

Agent Pages

    <!--Input box to read the loan amount from the user -->
        <ion-label color ="secondary">Welcome to agent page.</ion-label>

        <button ion-button outline (click)="contactDetails()">Display Contacts</button>
            <ion-card-content [hidden]="!search">
                <ion-item *ngFor="let cDetails  of contactsList">
                    {{cDetails.displayName}} {{cDetails.phoneNumbers[0].value}}


When I build project with this code, the app is showing only white screen. Please help me to fix the code.

Do you have any Error Messages?