Which method get called when app enter in foreground

I want to perform some functionality when apps enter in foreground. for example like iOS application delegate method:

func applicationWillEnterForeground(_ application: UIApplication) {

I would look at Platform’s resume event.


I read this is part of Ionic for Angular. Is there anything similar for Vue? In case there’s no “resume” event to subscribe to, what’s the most proper hook to use (among the ones provided by both Ionic and Vue)?

For instance, what should I do, right after the app is resumed to foreground, in order to bring back the data from the device storage (LocalStorage, IndexedDB, WebSQL), into Vuex or any other state management, so that it’s available again from everywhere in the app?

There’s an outline of a solution for React here. This might give you an idea of how to implement it in Vue as well.