Where to get source code? Documentation?

So i would like to get started with Ionic but i already ran into many issues. First of all i came from a 7+ years web development background so i know this stack fairly well.

I would like to download and get access to the source code fo all the components found in Ionic Example app, i just can’t find anything similar like the bootstrap version:


I just want to copy paste my static layout so i have a base to start with. Can’t do it, and about to rage out about this now.

Potentially famous last words. If you don’t have a decent background in Angular and TypeScript, you’re going to struggle. I’d say at least half the questions I read on this forum are from people who really shouldn’t be programming in Ionic at all for a few weeks, while they learn Angular and TS. (If you find yourself typing “var” a lot, for example, you might want to build up to Ionic.)

I jumpstarted my learning process by buying Josh Moronry’s Ionic 2 book, and the FullStackIO Angular 2 book. They helped me a lot. Later on, I bought a month’s subscription to EggheadIO, to watch videos on advanced Observables and Redux. And even with all that, I’ve still had to suffer a lot of pain! So I think this stuff is hard. But there are some excellent resources out there, especially if you’re willing to spend a bit of money.

To (not really) answer your question: Ionic is open source. Whichever sample app you’re talking about, its complete source code is on GitHub, along with the entire code base. So I’m not sure what your specific concern is, to be honest. But there’s a ton of code examples in blogs online. Quality of this code may vary of course, and beware old syntax that does not work with current versions, but there are lots of examples posted on the web.

I’m not a part of driftyco, and I don’t make any money from Fullstack or anywhere else. I’m not trying to tell you to buy anything, just explaining my own journey here. I’ve found this stuff hard. But there aren’t a lot of options. It’s basically Ionic and NativeScript right now, and I think Ionic is better, so here I am.

Here is component demo source, and here is the conference app that is sort of the standard integration example application that is kept up to date with current framework syntax.

Thanks that is very nice, What i am actually looking for 90% of the time is the actually code for the examples provided on the documentation. They do not match the example code and the preview.

For example why is the code not on the same page of that specific exmaple?

For the Component docs on the Ionic website you can find the code here:

But for the API docs, you have to dig a little deeper:

Tadaa :slight_smile: