Where to add custom SASS/CSS


I have been working on a simple app adding custom CSS in the /CSS folder from the starter tabs template.


Now I have set up Sass I am unsure where to add my custom code? What file do I add my changes to now?


Hi @FHair, here you have all you need to get started.


Thankyou I have followed that guide. My only problem is when I run :ionic serve my www/css/ionic.app.css is updated. Is that the correct file for me to add my cusom sass/css?


You should add the

<link href="css/ionic.app.css" rel="stylesheet">

to the <head> of the root index.html file. Then, forget about this file =D you just need to modify the ./scss/ionic.app.scss, all the changes you apply to this file will be reflected in the css/ionic.app.css so, it is normal this file to be updated when you run ionic serve. This [link][1] can help you with the basics.

Good hacking.
[1]: http://learn.ionicframework.com/formulas/working-with-sass/