Where should the ionic 1 AppCtrl code (main controller of the app) go in an ionic 2 app? initializeApp() of the app.component.ts?

In my ionic 1 app, there was a general controller AppCtrl declared like this in routes.js:

            .state('app', {
                url: '/app',
                abstract: true,
                templateUrl: 'templates/menu.html',
                controller: 'AppCtrl',

and the code inside this app-wide controller:

    .module('MyApp.controllers.AppCtrl', [])
    .controller('AppCtrl', [
            //lots of code in AppCtrl

Now in ionic 2, where should all this app-wide logic go? In the app.component.ts file ? after this.platform.ready().then(() => { where I already ported the code I had in the .module('MyApp.run', []).run(...?

Thanks for your help