Where should i write sass in ionic folder?


Please anyone tell where should i write sass in ionic project.
and how to start sass in ionic.



Hi Rohit Kumar,

Setup Sass Automatically

$ ionic setup sass
You can start to write your sass in your ./scss/ionic.app.scss file.
Setup Sass Manually

1.Run npm install from the working directory of an Ionic project. This will install gulp.js and a few handy tasks, such as gulp-sass and gulp-minify-css.
2.Remove from the of the root index.html file.
3.Remove from the of the root index.html file.
4.Add to the of the root index.html file.
5.In the ionic.project file, add the JavaScript property “gulpStartupTasks”: [“sass”, “watch”] (this can also be customized to whatever gulp tasks you’d like).



but when i make any changes in sass file then it is not working automatically.

when i run gulp sass then only its reflecting.



I found the Solution: One of the .scss files in my /scss folder was causing Sass to stop compiling.

The “problematic” file was an old copy of the project’s main .scss file, but when I compared that old version with the latest version, I only see a handful of differences in terms of properties, values and a media query at the bottom of the code.

Other than that, both, the “problematic” and “correct/working” files are pretty much 98% exactly the same.

Read a more extensive answer in the project’s issues list in GitHub: https://github.com/nex3/sass/issues/362#issuecomment-11255429

Let me know if it is works! :slight_smile: