Where is the Ionic View app in the Apple Store?!

Can you even imagine how Apple would react to a for-profit company using illegal iOS images to create a web based emulator? Ionic would be sued out of existance before they even launched.

Unfortunately we’re at the mercy of Apple’s whims here. They can basically decide to do whatever they want and all we can do is live with it or ignore half the mobile market.

Exactly. They must has realized they weren’t going to beat Ionic’s View app (I mean, it just worked as it should). But they couldn’t come off too overtly and are using this legalese to remove Ionic View.

Its Unfortunate, because its not really the mechanism that’s the issue, but what ionic represents.

Looks like the app is still not back to the App Store. I have to deploy a mock-up done with Ionic to a small, local group of iOS users in our company and thought I can rely on Ionic View. What would you suggest to do now? Deploying that mock-up to the App Store / Beta channel / Enterprise Program is too much overhead in this case, I don’t even have an Apple Dev account yet.


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