Where ion-menu should be located in project's structure?

Hello everyone! We are building a web app for Industry 4.0. The app has to provide an incorporated side menu like this

We cannot find an appropriate solution where the menu component should be structured. We do not want to build it in app.components.html, as it was shown in the demo source (https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/tree/v3/demos/src/menu/app), because such a way makes the project’s structure unclear. The current project’s structure looks as follows:

So where should the side-menu component be located in the project’s structure? Should it be created as an (angular-)component or as a separate (ionic-)page?

Edit: we consider currently creating a menu as a separate ionic page. Is it a good practice?

app/app.component.ts and app.html(view)

Thank you for the answer! But is it a really good way? As was mentioned above, we find that a bit confusing, especially when someone else tries to understand the code, it could be then quietly difficult to realize when the menu is located. So does such way affect on the clarity of project’s structure?