Where can I find a simple starter template?

I’m trying to build a website dashboard that looks good on desktop and mobile.

Looking for a starter template with basic stuff like header, footer, profile drop-down etc. Similar to the header of this forum when viewed on desktop.

Does something like this exist?

yes, just type ionic starter template on google.

If you search on google most of the searches will lead you to one website that is Ionic themes

However, what i prefer is to find generic themes that are Vue specifics and then use the css /scss on top of my ionic starter templates.

For example, if the dashboard is built using vue them I would search for vue dashboard templates, most of the search result yields are built of bootstrap and come with scss then i spend some time copying the scss style from the template to my vue ionic template.

If you wish to aviod all that hassle them Ionic theme is the way to go.