When open camera image choosing from list of images (from gallery)

I want such output in my project - when I click on camera button it will ask me take a photo or choose from such list of photos…please see below image …can someone please tell me solution

we cannot see your image


i want to pick one image from such list of images which are in gallery…so problem is how to show images in list

sorry ,please see above images

that looks to be an @ngFor ion-slide inside an ion-slides element…

there are a few samples of this on the ionic tag definition page

can you please send me link please

thank you i will try this…let me tell you my task is …when i click on camera button…i have 2 choices… i will take a photo or may choose image from such list of images from gallery…so here i need image picker plugin or not ?? for taking image from such list of images ??

i understand… i do not know what components are available that might do this image selection for you.

okay …as you give me that previous solution …i think that only slides our images right ? that is our next task…but 1st i want that images should be display in list

i try this image picker but that will take me in gallery …but i don’t want to user go in gallery…he or she can only
select image from list only as see in above my expected output image

again i don’t know how they work… just google searching for ideas…

i wrote my own picker for files and folders from the ‘server’ in my application. I do not show thumbnails of the images.

okay thank you …please reply me if you find any solution to this task

i am not looking any more…

hey, you can check this tutorial about Image handling in Ionic apps, it shows an example of what you are trying to do: https://ionicthemes.com/tutorials/about/ionic-2-image-handling

okay thanks i will try this solution …u have idea about working with drawing on images on canvas …if yes please help me??