When navigating to a page which contains ion tabs, it shows white screen before the next page

When I navigate to a page which contains ion-tabs, it shows an immediate white screen and THEN the page slides in. The expected behaviour is when I navigate to the page with the ion tabs, that page should slide in with the ion tabs.

Sorry for the cruel illustration but I hope what I have below gets the point across.

Expected behaviour: . Should only have 2 steps

[Page 1] <— slides in from the right [Page 2 ]

Actual Behaviour: has 3 steps.

[Page 1] [Blank page appears] . <---- slides in from the right [Page 2]

page 2 contains ion-tabs

Similar thing happens when I do a NavController.pop() as well. Page 2 will slide out to the right and show a blank white page, and then uncovers page 1.

has anyone got a clue on how to resolve this?