When input was pushed to google map, keyboard do slow appearance when input gets focus


when input was pushed to google map, keyboard do slow appearance when input gets focus


please do not only throw piece of a sentence at others to help you.

any examples, a video to show the effect,… anything?


I was struggling for this a while and I have no doupt that ionic is slow.
I guess this might be different issue.

 <!-- Posting -->
<form ng-controller='PostsCtrl' name='postForm' ng-submit='addPost()' novalidate>
  <input type='text' 
      placeholder='what will happen today?' autocorrect="off" required>
  <button ng-disabled='postForm.$invalid'
      class="map-post-box button button-small button-assertive" 
      {{ isInstant(timevalue) && 'Instant' || (timevalue | date:"mm : ss") }} 

is the form and it was added to google map like so below

        var postForm = (document.getElementById('map-post-input')); 

and if I don’t add but use it as a regular form that is not pushed inside of google map, keyboard response is fast as it should be and “Go” button is used to submit the form. (when its pushed to google, it won’t submit with “Go” button either).


the Google map isolated from the rest of your app. therefore you have the google.api and the google-object.
The could not know anything about angularjs or your controller. Even your clicks you made are regular clicks and not longer ng-clicks.

You should disable ionic-tap-handling on the map node:

I do not know how the map controls exactly work, but you should use native javascript for that part of code then.
Maybe it is better to not push your form to the controls. Try to create another concept for the part of the app like positionate your forum absolute over the map, so you are in a normal angularjs context.