When I try to get value form text box using ngmodel and print its showing undefined

When I try to get value form text box and print its showing undefined how can i fix this issues



    <div class="logo-box">

        <h4 class="sign-head">Sign In</h4>

        <img src="../../assets/images/logo2.png" alt="" />

        <h4>A whole business store <br> at your fingertips</h4>




      <ion-row justify-content-center>

        <ion-col align-self-center size-md="6" size-lg="5" size-xs="12">


            <div padding>

              <ion-item class="form-group frm">

               <ion-icon name="call" class="input-icon"></ion-icon>

               <ion-input [(ngModel)]="email" type="text" class="info-frm" placeholder="Phone No"></ion-input>



              <ion-item class="form-group frm">

                <ion-icon name="unlock" class="input-icon"></ion-icon>

                <ion-input type="password" [(ngModel)]="password"  class="info-frm" placeholder="Password" ></ion-input>




            <div class="reg-btn">

                <button type="submit"  size="large" expand="block" class="btn sing-btn" (click)="doLogin();">SIGN IN</button>

                <!-- <button type="submit" routerLink="/welcome" size="large" expand="block" class="btn sing-btn">SIGN IN</button> -->

              <p class="forgot">

                <span><a routerLink="/otpverify">Forgot Password ?</a></span> 

                <span class="regi"><a routerLink="/register">Register Now</a></span> 



            hi {{email}}








     alert('its click')