What's the approach to test Geolocation on device using Ionic v3?

Hello there,

I understand that Geolocation requires https to run and get the current location, even though we need to debug the application on the device some how.

So when I try to run with:
$> ionic cordova run android --livereload -cs

dev server running: http://localhost:8100/

[INFO] Development server running
       Local: http://localhost:8100

And with the code:

 getMyPosition() {
    let positionOptions = { maximumAge: 3000, timeout: 5000, enableHighAccuracy: true };
    this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(positionOptions).then((resp) => {
      console.log(resp.coords.latitude + ", " + resp.coords.longitude);
      alert(resp.coords.latitude + ", " + resp.coords.longitude);
    }).catch((error) => {
      console.log('========= Error gettinglocation - liveload =======');
      console.log(error.message); // Only secure origins are allowed (see: https://goo.gl/Y0ZkNV).

I wonder if must be a workaround to solve this situation, after all everybody needs to develop debuging the app all the time.

So far I could not see this getCurrentPosition working on apps made with Ionic v3 (3.6.0) and Angular 4 (4.1.3) and cordova-plugin-geolocation 2.4.3

Does anybody have any idea how to solve this? Or everybody just the the Geolocation working when install the app?