What would be "mouseenter" "mouseleave" event for finger in Ionic?


I am still stuck with this event problem. Nothing is firing my function as it should be.

I’ve tried this way.
To show you: http://sendvid.com/m046dmy6.mp4

<div class="letter" (mouseenter)="Touched()" [ngClass]="{'touched': touched }">

It is working fine on desktop. But not on IPhone.

Any help?
(It is still the same issue, but not the same question than my old thread).

Did you ever figure this issue out? I’m experiencing the same thing.

Nope! I haven’t found neither a workaround… React?

I don’t think there’s an equivalent to mouseenter or mouseleave on a mobile device because on your phone the “mouse clicks” are registered when you touch the screen and that would be mousedown. mouseenter and mouseleave suggests mouse movement over your “letter” class and if you slide your finger on the screen that would be just like dragging on your desktop. So… I maybe wrong about this but I don’t think there’s any equivalency on those events.