What to do if I want a lot of slides in a slider?


Hello i’m beginning with ionic 2 and I want to do a slider with a large number of slides, to avoid problems of perfomance I want to load my slides by dynamically loading only three slides that looping in them.
I already saw those posts :

But it was for the first version of ionic and I have a lot of troubles to make this work for ionic 2.
Is there a directive or a component that I have missed that could help me do that?



I just found the getSlider() method, it seems that with some Swiper parameters i can probably do what i need.

I 'll try that and I will post here if I can get something good.



I have just started to have a look at the slides and I am also interested in your solution. Keep us posted.

I have found this link on slides and I’ll try to implement it. Maybe it could be useful to you too.


Any luck on this… i tried to do with looping enabled… But getActiveIndex behave strangely when looping is enabled… anyone has any idea?


in current ionic 2 rc version there is a bug when using slider with loop option true. Get active index always through a wrong index number. Awaiting a fix on that, till then if possible use without loop.