What storage should i used in creating android/ios app

Im confused, should i use native or localforage??



need answer ASAP

thank you

I’d err on the side of option C, Ionic Storage, which will automatically handle the decision of what underlying storage method should be used.

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you mean B: Localforage in which abstraction of ionic storage?

Ah - Apologies, I didn’t realize that it was utilizing LocalForage. In that case, I do mean option B.

Its ok, @SigmundFroyd how to add/set key value pairs to specific storename?
and why does websql appears to be like key value pairs? im using websql and sqlite drivers not localstorage

You don’t. You just use one big key/value store.

What do you mean by that question? Ionic Storage is an abstraction that just uses (sometimes) WebSQL as the backend. You don’t care about that.