What should I use for video capture by camera? Camera or CameraPreview?

I want a small screen of camera inside a page ,no other camera effects required, and capture video by this screen, should I use Camera or CameraPreview?

If you want to embed the camera view inside your HTML you need to use the Camera Preview Cordova Plugin.

The standard camera will only launch once, cover the screen and after success return you the imagedata. But if you need to change the UI, you have to use the preview plugin!

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@saimon Last week I tried to use this CameraPreview plugin.
But I have no success.

There is no window opened on the page, also no error in the console too. (Testing with my device Moto G4 Plus running on Android 6.0)
I can’t figure out what is happening?

Can you help me into this?

Thanks in advance.

Try to take a look at this great tutorial from Josh on how to build a Pokemon Go interface using exactly the before mentioned Camera preview plugin!

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This is just interface. Is there any way to capture video with camera preview?

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Hey Saimon,

Is there any indication when the camera preview will be fully stable and out of beta?

I am also looking for an answer on this topic. :thinking:

Did anyone got an answer. I am stucked at where my recorded videos are saving. The file path returns when I call stopRecordVideo() but when I go and check for video, the folder is empty.