What Plugin Versions Are Installed?

I’m migrating to Ionic Appflow as a replacement for Phonegap Build. As I was moving everything over, I removed the version specs from my plugins in my config.xml. Now that everything is building correctly, I want to “lock in” the version numbers so that plugin upgrades don’t introduce dependency issues. In Phonegap Build there was a screen that would show me all of my plugins and the versions used in my build; is there something similar or a way I can get the same information here?

That can be still set via the config.xml file
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-device" spec="2.0.1" />
Check the package.json file, it might have the values that were used.

Congrats on the migration!

Hi Chris, thanks for the help.

Where do I find package.json? I don’t see it in my .apk or .ipa files.

That would be included in those files. You need to look back to your source files.

I’ve always built on either Phonegap Build or AppFlow, so my local package.json is minimal… it doesn’t have a plugins section (they’re all defined in my config.xml). Looking at the log messages, I think that AppFlow enhances package.json with the plugin information during the build process. Is it possible for me to get ahold of that enhanced file after the build is complete?

Look in the config.xml, find the plugins, then find the latest version numbers on npm.

It sure would be slick if AppFlow alllowed us to view/download the package.json file that gets generated during the build process.

Thanks for your help.