What is the best framework I should use ionic with?

Hey guys,

I am looking to make a web based application for Android which can scan qr codes, image process it and extract information out of it. I have some questions regarding ionic:

  1. See the screenshot how there is a camera view in the middle of the screen and the rest is the app, would this be supported by ionic?
  2. In regards to the qr code image processing, is there a library out there that can be used with Ionic?
  3. Are there native android widgets available?
  4. Which language/framework should I even use? I am not considering flutter nor angular JS. But should I consider using vue.js or react native?
  5. Should I also consider using nativescript?

The best framework to use Ionic with is the one you like best. Try reading the documentation and official tutorials for each, and see which feels most natural to you. Personally, I like Angular, because it has clear separation between logic and presentation.

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