What is not possible with ionic

Hey guys,

I never developed for ios but wanted to ensure my app could be used by many many people so I came over your wonderfull framework. I am just guessing if everything I want to implement in my app is possible with your framework. I couldn’t find a list of “not possible” things.

Or would you say: Just start using it and later ask specific questions on how to implement a special thing!

E.g. I want to use the new feature of the Android Push-Notificiation: Expand them and have a little UI where you can answer to a message or click some buttons that do things =)


@cherry_wave Hi, what you want to achieve i.e:

  • Push Notification system.
  • Messaging system.
  • User interactions (buttons).

Are definitely possible with Ionic framework. For the Push Notification System you can use this plugin:

And for your messaging system you can for example use Parse + Pusher services:


The user interaction will basically be Ionic/AngularJS events like on-tap or ng-click.

All those technologies are very easy to implement with Ionic Framework. But you may need to be very careful how to balance your logic of your app, for example you can do your Parse on the server side instead of the client, to not overload your mobile application with too much operation and connection. Hope it helps.

Hi @Devniz! Thanks for the answer. I don’t see how I can implement a button or input field into the push-notification with the phonegap-plugin-push.

My messaging will be defentily a server-client thing. Users can input a request (just one at a time) and others can answer them.

I wanted to use the Push-Notifications to inform the poster of the request that someone has answered to his request, and maybe directly communicate with him within the Push-Notification. Like the standard android messenger where you don’t need to open the app itself, which is sometimes pretty cool =)

:neutral_face: I never said that! Check my answer, it is clear that I said you will create your Ionic application with User-interaction and views containing those button and input. And the phonegap-plugin-push will be installed on top of your Ionic Application witch contains the user interface and front interaction, there’s absolutely nothing to do with your buttons and input.

Install phonegap-push-plugin this way:

ionic plugin add phonegap-plugin-push

And follow those instruction to play with it:

So I won’t be able to do this?

Or this (answer/delete button):

Because in phonegap-plugin-push documentation I only see that you can set a message to show in the notification. Thanks again for your answer^^

You may need to add back-end service to your app, every-time you receive the notification it will show this top-layer to the user. You can start from there: https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push/blob/master/docs/PAYLOAD.md#inbox-stacking Where the action button will re-open your app but you maybe can override the action to simply place your input-text as a notification layer.

Otherwise it will be a very interesting feature to implement!

You might not like my answer. But for your case, I would write my own Cordova plugin to do it.
And if stable, release to public~ yey!

I am having the same issue. Did you find a solution yet or should I switch to the push plugin? Thanks