What impact has Ionic had in your life?

I am currently a student, Ionic has helped me realize that I have a passion for developing for mobile and thats the career path I want to go down.

After weighing Sencha and KendoUI and giving lungoJS a go I had almost given up on mobile. A friend showed me ionic last year and I loved its focus on its design principles not getting in the way. It also made me choose angularJS at a time I was torn between ember and backbone. Working with AngularJS renewed the possibility of working in mobile in a manner that I felt truly leveraged on my existing skillset. For a newcomer to mobile It was a bit challenging getting the grasp of some items, but the documentation and videos (particularly setting up with cordova/testing/build approach) really felt like a sagely hand guiding me through.

Ionic is without a doubt the framework of choice for all my mobile developement. I’m working on one app and planning another. I’m also securing a business partner to the platform.

I can’t thank you guys at ionic enough, but I intend to try. Be expecting something from me soon.


I started looking at Ionic in the Alpha days, didn’t really use it that much then, but have always kept an eye on the project. I use to be a Flex developer, who always wanted to get into mobile development. When Adobe pulled the plug on Flex and Flex Mobile, I thought that I’d have to get into native phone development (I was looking towards Android), but moving into a new skillset is tricky. You need to get the work to show you have the required skills inorder to get employed using the skillset you’ve just learn’t, its a bit of a chicken and egg situation.
So the Android thing never took off and I went back to general web development. Thankfully Ionic came out and allowed me to use the web skills I have and pursue the mobile development I want to do.
Now with Ionic leading the way in hybrid-app development I have a plan for my contracting business where I want to move into mobile development full time, being able to use AngularJS (which I love) and build apps for both clients and myself I think Ionic has given me a whole new set of opportunities for the upcoming year (like app development, writing a book on Ionic, training etc).

Thanks to Max and the rest of the Ionic/Drifty team for creating a great product.