What Hosting Platform to use for Angular PWA

I’ve just started building apps with Ionic and deploying them to Android and iOS looks pretty straightforward. But, I have a question about hosting an Angular PWA. I’m trying to figure out whether I can just deploy the PWA to any hosting platform with the basics (support for HTML, AngularJS, and CSS).
There are plenty of tutorials out there about deploying PWAs to Firebase Hosting, but from what I’ve seen the pricing looks to quickly add up beyond the free tier. Can I use a normal web hosting platform like A2Hosting, HostGator, etc?

Generally speaking, yes. The only caveat I know of is that for Angular routing to work properly, you need to be able to redirect 404s to index.html, so you need some rudimentary ability to control some server configuration. More information here.

I have been using firebase for a while and havent spent a single cent yet

Maybe u have some serious traffic in mind (which u can monetise too I assume).

Firebase does give u nice goodies for data, monitoring and analytics