What difference between ngCordova and Ionic distribs?


I am new in Cordova world, and first thing I can see is ngCordova and Ionic look awesome. It sounds interresting to have a combo Cordova + AngularJS + Ionic. However I am confused because both of them seem to include same components.

Thus, what should I start with ?

You can check the first chapter of Ionic in Action book Ionic in Action Book, available now as early access, provide your input!

maybe this helps you

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Thanks for this reply.

If I understand the AngularJS + Cordova in the Ionic install is NOT ngCordova. So, if I want to use ngCordova instead, sould I install Ionic first, and only after ngCorodova ?

So hopefully this will clear things up.

Ionic is a setup of angularjs components and services used in making cordova apps.

ngCordova is a set of angular wrappers for working with cordova.

NgCordova and Ionic are not dependent on one another, but can be used together.
You could write a cordova app using angular and not ionic, but still use ngCordova.
You could also write a cordova app with ionic but not use ngCordova.