What are you building with Ionic? We want to know!


We are creating an application for Hotels…


This is the second app that I’ve made:

Called “Bible In Me” - provides easy way to memorize bible verses…


I am developing for a client an App to help children and adolescents suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) to more easily have an overview of the things they need to do during the day – with help from parents, siblings, teachers etc.

The App integrates Chat(Jabber) with the child’s contacts, calendar with easy-to-understand charts, chart editor, contact information etc.


Just submitted to the AppStore.

Stream tracks from your favorite artists. Donate to artists who are raising money. Search for new and trending artists in your city.

It was my first time using Ionic and took about two weeks to get to beta.


We are a new startup from Brazil called Lua.net and we are building a social ecommerce tool.

Our app is a storefront and an management tool, so it’s full featured and it intents to be simpler as possible.

The big thing is that we are using Ionic as the main frontend framework for mobile, tablets and even for the Desktop app.

As soon as we submit the app I send more infos.


Young Dimashqi Lens:

A small photo gallery app, which get the data from our server which grab the data from Facebook Page, those photos capture the live in Damascus, Syria in the current situation.

The app is still in early stages, but we are trying hard to make it better and nicer.

  • The only missing part for now is to create a nice image slider for the images, and we are working on this feature to be released, but still not sure when it will be added.

[ sorry for the bad google translation from arabic to english, it was added automatically when I just paste the link to the app ]



Mine is still under development, it is about calculating thoughts. And I’m struck in last part. Please answer my question about controllers.
Thank you


This app will be awesome when I finish it soon.


My company have built an app for a large North European medical company to help app users be more comfortable talking with their doctors about some serious problem. I am responsible with all things Ionic. We have Android and iOS versions published.

Currently it is available in swedish language in Denmark and Sweden, will be releasing more languages soon. English version will come later.



do not understand Denmark.

Interested in the chart you draw in “Översikt”. How did you draw it in ionic??


We’ve used this library for chart awesomeness: http://c3js.org/


I built an app called Happy. A location-based app for finding and starting your own personal happy hour, at any time of day. Just launched in NYC.




How do You play the sound? Did You use a plugin?


Hi @prdstrctn, the app looks great. Can I ask which mapping library and provider you used and how you created the map marker popup? - it looks really smart!



I’ve built an App called “Coleciona” as my conclusion Graduation Design project. The app is a simple collections organizer and was built accordingly to my researches about user interface and ergonomics design.

Basically the purpose was to develop slightly different interfaces and interaction for Android and iOS for making the app more adherent to each platform.

Here is a frame of my presentation:


hey @edd, i’m using MapBox (www.mapbox.com), which is based on Leaflet (www.leafletjs.com). very robust JS API and generally very good performance. you can pretty much use any HTML as your marker, which is what i’ve done.

i was really hoping there’d be something out there for cordova that combines the performance and feel of native maps with the flexibility and customization of something like Leaflet/MapBox. but there doesn’t seem to be anything unfortunately, and being able to change map colors and create very complex markers was a hard requirement.

but overall, i’ve been very happy with Leaflet/MapBox.


Cool, thanks for the info. Yeah, I’ve started with Leaflet and recently switched to using the tiles from MapBox as they’re prettier than the standard OSM ones. It’s seems good so far. As you say though, would be nice if there was a comprehensive plugin that gave native map performance and feel with customisation of Leaflet.


We just released a new app builder that creates Ionic apps that integrate with WordPress sites. It’s called Reactor: http://reactor.apppresser.com/

You can see a sample app built with Reactor here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.torquemag.app

It’s got integrated push notifications, automatic app building through Phonegap Build, and more. We love Ionic, thanks for making this great tool for us to build on!

Here’s a screenshot:


Watching your “behind the scenes” movie, don’t press fullscreen becuase the header will overlap 60% of the screen :wink: Just a small side buggy :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a great concept though :slight_smile:


@scottopolis this is brilliant