What are limits on number of Environments in each pricing plan?

Looking at what plan is best suited for me I see the Plan Details matrix, that limits seats, automations, concurrent builds, native configs, and Environment Variables. The later I interpret as number of variables one can set in each of the Environments one creates. My qusetion - how many environments can I create? I don’t see it mentioned. Is that unlimited in all plans? I have multiple flavors, so want to create environments for each. How many do you guys have?

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The limits refer to the number of environment sets you get, one set containing unlimited variables. See here for a screenshot.

Thanks. If I may suggest changing the terminology in the Plan Details ? It says Environment Variables. Everywhere else the term variables refers to something else. The environment sets is a good metaphor, but not mentioned anywere. In the dashboard UI it is called Environments. When I create too many and alsmost reach the limit, the warning messages says: " You have met your custom environment limit". So Custom Environment or just Environment would be a better (from consistency point of view) term. Variables is not just different - it is used elsewhere - so it is misleading, or at least it was to me.

Why would someone care about Environments limit at all? For others who read this - Environment is what you must have to build Android flavors. My use case is - one flavor per geographical region. So if you got 11 regions to serve, the Basic plan is insufficient (has 10 Environment sets). I would love to have lot more Environment sets or a flavor selector in the Android Build UI.

Sorry for being verbose, hoping to help others

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Absolutely agree and appreciate the feedback! As luck would have it, we are shortly going to provide unlimited environments on all paid plans very soon. Stay tuned.

Good news. I have some more small suggestions, but this one would be a great step forward

We love suggestions! If you’re up for it, send them to appflow@ionic.io and/or we also schedule feedback calls. Book here. We offer gift cards in exchange for your time. Cheers!

Just to confirm, you promised and you delivered. Love that. It makes my question totally moot and useless for anyone, but still love it :slight_smile:

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