Websocket Error in Ionic 4

I am developing an app to work on ANDROID TV. and android mobile. I need to push data from my Server to App using the Local LAN network.
I am using Websockets to set up the communication channel to receive data
When I do IONIC SERVE and open it in a browser in a PC, the Websocket connection opens and am able to receive data sent from the server.
But when I open this on the App the same is not working and the web socket Opening returns an error.
Have tried various options like opening in Iframe using proxy etc…
When I monitor the IP of the mobile, There is no network traffic generating when I try to establish the connection. Which says the Socket connection is not getting opened.
Can anyone help why this is happening. Awaiting resolution …

Hello, you could solve it, the same thing happens to me. :frowning_face:

I’m using this Plugin for Websocket Connection to make sure it works on native level