Warning Deferred long-running timer task(s)


Hi, I find this warning when debugging my app on the chrome console:

Deferred long-running timer task(s) to improve scrolling smoothness. See crbug.com/574343.

i tried to find the problem but stucked, have you guys find this warning? I want to know why this is happening, because yesterday this warning was not there.

Thank you guys!


I’m getting these too. It seems to be a chromium thing. As far as I can tell, they are not harmful and can be ignored for the most part.


Yes, I read the link that refer to that warning,
but it is quite annoying when you are debugging using chrome and receive a lot of warning.
And somehow I felt the transition between the tabs quite laggy than before the warning shows up.


Starting getting this warning also a couple days ago when switching between tabs. Annoying!!!


Perhaps there is a way to disable warnings in Chrome?


Guys i am facing this issue in final android build that scroll is not working on lists due to this, but works fine in IOS. Any help?


That message means, that there is still a function running in the background but the user interacts with the app already. So you should refactoring your code for a better ux.