Wanna see ion-item contents even if s left swiped

When I left swipe my ion-item, name of the item is not visible. How to bring it on? @leob, @Gajotres

Sorry I don’t understand anything of this.

Why and what do you need to left-swipe, what is it supposed to do and what do you mean by “name of the item is not visible” and what has it to do with swiping?

All I see in your screenshot is a list with items (with names visible) and some arrows indicating that they can be swiped. No clue what the issue is though.

Thanks for your response @leob.
whatever you have assumed so far is right. I m displaying products’ name with their quantity & price in the ion- item. Actually, I use option buttons to edit the quantity of the product.
When I swipe left, the ion-item is swiped to the left. And hence the name of the item is also swiped left. I want the name or the image of the product to still appear to the user when they swipe left.

Okay but what is the goal of the “swipe left” movement of the item? If the user “swipes left” on an item then what is that supposed to accomplish?

It’s not visible because it’s hidden behind non-visible part of a screen.

You will need to play with CSS in this case. you will be able to catch open and close event of this toolbar. When it opens move list data to right (I think float: right should do). And reverse it on close event.