Waiting for Background app running in Ionic like Alaram app


Iam waiting for at least in new ionic2 Background app running plugin
Like alaram it should have to run background even app terminates from recent lists.
and it should have a feature to talk to database and it should notify user when new data comes
Thank you


And your question is … ?


Its not a Question basically,
Thing is so far i think there is no background plugin, so iam requesting ionic guys if they can create this plugin in next versions that will be usefull for us.
if you found any plugin releated to this please let me know
Thank you


These exist:

This is probably impossible as “Alarm” is a system app with special priviledges you don’t get.

This is better solved by having a push notification sent from the backend to the device on database changes.


Hi Thanks for suggesting
Iam already aware of these but these wont work even app close.
That is what my intention is
I want to know how to achive this even app terminates.

Thank you


If an app is not running, it can not do anything.

That’s why push notifications exist to notify your app and device about things that happened and that the user should start the app.


Well whatever you are saying 100% correct, But something like alaram we cant achive in Hybrid?
Then How alaram app is working


I quote myself:

We can discuss further if you have examples of normal apps downloaded from the App Store that have this magic functionality you want.


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