Vue dialog variable defined as numeric comes back as text

i have a data structure passed into a dialog which contains a numeric value

data={.... , sequence=23, ...}

the dialog template has this field
I had to explicitly set the type as numeric to get the numeric keyboard.
(I really just want the up/down increment type input)

                    <ion-input type="number" inputmode="numeric" id="vsequence" v-model="datacopy.sequence">

i enter the number , or not

and on dialog save, I get this back out

data={.... , sequence="23", ...}

I send that (ble.write) to my hardware, and its unhappy with the format…
as it should be (the hardware tries to parse into hex value) so result would be x’17’).

I’m adding a parseInt() after getting the data back from dialog, but don’t think I should have to .

what am I doing wrong?

Maybe? Hard to tell from what you’ve provided. Can you recreate this in a new project and share a github link?

thanks. will try to find time.

I ‘think’ the issue is the data structure was built from JSON.parse(), so I don’t know what the actual data type is under the covers.

the field doesn’t have quotes, so is treated as numeric, but who knows the actual storage type

there are other fields which are indexes in select lists, which also don’t have quotes, which are handled correctly, but they are not being used in input fields