VS code & Ionic



I’m trying to get Ionic v2 to work with VS Code, but so far no luck. I think it’s down to the launch.json with the line

“program”: “${workspaceRoot}/app”,

“${workspaceRoot}” is the root of the project directory (MyIonicProject)
The project structure you download has no app.ts file, but app.component.ts and app.module.ts in the directory MyIonicProject/src/app. How do I solve this? Continueing with manual checking of dozens of files in Notepad++ is no fun




What are you trying to accomplish? I use VS Code with ionic and use the terminal in VS Code (control+`). Works like a charm. There are event some extensions for angular2/ionic2


If you run from command line and the code has errors you get a dump of all
errors; pretty hard to analyze. VScode does have a debug mode including
breaks, call tracking etc. (Ctrl-Shift-d in Windows), which is more
attractive. For that I need a correct reference to “program”. I tried the
following variations that all did not work either



I may not understand what you’re looking to accomplish, but I don’t think you can debug exclusively in vscode, as you need a device or browser to run the app. Have you tried the debugger for chrome extension?