VoIP for Ionic

Hello guys, I’m wondering if anyone of you have worked with VoIP with Ionic2 so you can share with me a demo project.
I’ve been reading for a days and I found Twilio but is way much expensive and I do not find many examples of it.

Could you guys help me out?

checkout https://tokbox.com/

Hello, but does it support Ionic2/3? And can I build it from


On the website is the sentence:

For every device
Whether you’re building for web, mobile
or desktop, our platform is compatible.

And yes, it will be compatible with Ionic.

You mean TokBox is compatible with Ionic2? Do you have any project on GitHub with a sample example of it?

No I haven’t.
But you have to program it on your self, I think TokBox is using API references and then it will be easy to integrate in Ionic simply with http calls to send data and receive data.

I’ve found a Cordova OpenTok plugin reference on Github.
There you go:



Ya I saw it, but it’s only for Ios, isn’t it?

No, you can build it for Android as well.

I’ll read about that plugin, thanks :slight_smile:

No problem, you’re welcome.

Check out the Cordova Plugin for Twilio:

Its the only Cordova VOIP plugin on the market as far as I know. If you want something cheaper go for Sinch, but you have to create a Cordova plugin for their iOS / Android SDK, which is doable within 2-3 hours.

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But I allready have an Ionic2 App I can integrate it on that app? And I can use VoIP in Web/Android/Ios using this plugin?

Of course, you just have to install the plugin. Yup

And do you know any github with a sample example (basic) to use VoIp to help to me to implement it on my project?

There is an example repo available on his github account

That’s AngularJs, right? I’m programming with Angular2, you are talking about this repo (https://github.com/jefflinwood/twilio-voice-phonegap-example)

Yes, it’s a pointer …

I can’t install this https://github.com/songz/cordova-plugin-opentok plugin to my ionic 2 setup.Any one please assist me. which npm, cordova version should i keep. What should i do.