Visual Studio - latest ionic version error messages

Hi there,

This is not an ionic question per se but because may people use visual studio with ionic, I felt it is worth asking here.

After I switched to 4.0.0-beta.19 from 4.0.0-beta.17, I started getting “TS Cannot find name” errors at the visual studio.

I also get: “An async function or method must return a ‘Promise’. Make sure you have a declaration for ‘Promise’ or include ‘ES2015’ in your --lib option”

After some googling, it looks like this requires modifications at tsconfig.json but I was wondering if others have faced similar issues and what the proper way of solving this?



npm uninstall --save @types/jquery

and then

npm install --save @types/jquery

seemed to solve the error messages.

Happy holidays everyone :slight_smile:


Are you using no framework? or why are you using jQuery?

Hi distante,

I use angular, which comes with ionic… After upgrade to the latest ionic version, I started getting bunch of “cannot find name X” errors. I do not know the finer details of angular/ionic but updating types/jquery seemed to solve the issue.

I just wanted to share it here as other may face similar upgrade problems…

Have a great 2019!



Is all good. Maybe your dependencies weren’t installed. I am just shocked that an jQuery install fixed something :smile: