VirtualScroll list not supported by iOS?


I have some issues with the ion-list and VirtualScroll. (ionic 2)

Indeed when ngFor generate card content in the ion-list, avatars are totally deformed on iOS and Safari. (see the screen below)

Nevertheless it works on Android/Chrome and Firefox.

Do you know why ?

the code:

  <ion-list  [virtualScroll]="events" approxItemHeight="500px">
<ion-item *virtualItem="let event" text-wrap>
    <ion-avatar item-left>
      <ion-img src="{{}}"></ion-img>
    <p>{{event.start_at | date : 'dd/MM/yyyy'}}</p>

  <ion-slides [options]="mySlideOptions">
    <ion-slide *ngFor="let item of event.images" style="margin:auto;">
      <ion-img src="{{item.relativePath}}"></ion-img>
  <ion-card-content >

      <button primary clear small>
        <ion-icon name="thumbs-up"></ion-icon>
        <div>12 Likes</div>
      <button primary clear small>
        <ion-icon name="text"></ion-icon>
        <div>4 Comments</div>
    <ion-col center text-center>
        11h ago
</ion-item>  </ion-list>

I have the same issue. I have generated a list using *ngFor and card, all images inside the card are stretched. Any solutions?

<ion-card *ngFor="let item of items">

        <img src="{{item .image}}"/>

          <h2 class="card-title">
            {{item .title}}
            {{item .desc}}