Virtual Scroll Static Content

I am trying to get some static content at the top of a virtual scroll list. However If I do this, then the virtual scroll renders incorrectly and misses some items near the top or bottom while scrolling up and down.

I am assuming that it isn’t taking the height into account of the static content at the top of my view.

So as workaround I put a conditional statement for my first virtual scroll item, and put my static content in there and wrap it all in a div. It works, but it seems really messy. Similarly I did it with a header item, but sometimes I am using the headers… This also doesn’t work if there are no items in the data. In that case I have to make a dummy item so I can render the header.

Is there any way to have a virtualscroll and have a static block that can be rendered at the start? Having content at the end seems to be no issue.

By static content / block I just mean content that isn’t part of the list. But content that I want in the main scrollable view.

Cheers, Ryan